I would highly recommend Jones' Student Property. My house accommodation (49 Nelthorpe) was clean, well-maintained and an easy 10 minute walk to university. If there were any problems with the house, I could quickly get in contact with the landlords and they would quickly resolve the problems which is excellent. Most importantly, the landlords were lovely and friendly.

Tari R Avatar
Tari R

Rented a lovely flat with my partner through Jones Student Property. Katherine was incredibly helpful with the very few issues which came up. Flat was immaculate on move in. Very happy we chose to rent with them - made everything as smooth and painless as possible!

Cerys Lacey Avatar
Cerys Lacey

One of the most trustworthy and reliable student housing agencies in Lincoln by far. The house I rented for the last 2 years was great value for money and very close to campus, with everything kept clean and operational. Katherine is a brilliant and sincere landlady who promptly dealt with any issues which arose, and gave us plenty of notice beforehand when inspections or maintenance work was needed. I would 100% recommend JSP to any prospective students.

Matt Hogan Avatar
Matt Hogan

Trustworthy, reliable and understanding. In other words the ideal student landlord.

I rented with Jones Student Property for 3 years while studying at the university of Lincoln. During that time any issues that occurred with the property were handled immediately, the properties I rented were both great value for money and the landlord was immensely helpful overall.

In conclusion I would recommend Jones Student Property to any Lincoln University students looking to rent with a reputable and safe landlord, who treats their tenants with decency and respect.

Alex Bamping Avatar
Alex Bamping

Great house and when their was a problem it was sorted every quickly.

Shauna Tew Avatar
Shauna Tew

Lovely houses and very well maintained. Good prices and a received helpful responses very quickly when we had any questions about our house or needed help.

Tobias heatlie Avatar
Tobias heatlie

Couldn't have asked for a better landlord to have looking out for me during the year. Katherine was amazing and always responded quickly to any issues we had no matter how small they were. The house was lovely too nice and spacious with great furnishings. Overall it was an amazing experience while living there and I can't wait to stay with them again when I return from my placement year. Highly recommended.

jessica de sousa Avatar
jessica de sousa

Couldn’t ask for a better experience, anytime an issue arose it was dealt with quickly and personally. Absolutely recommended to anyone considering using Jones Student Property, they’re utterly fantastic.

Owen Matthews Avatar
Owen Matthews

Rented through them for the past 2 years of my studies. Stayed in two different houses over the two years, both of which were everything you could want in a student house and more, great value for money! Nothing was ever too much trouble for the landlords and Katherine was always quick to pop round and sort things should there be a small issue with anything. Would highly recommend!

Sam Stemp Avatar
Sam Stemp

I went to university as a last minute thing, managed to get into a house with them and stayed for all 3 years. Easily one of the most friendly landlords you could ask for and are very understanding. Very quick to respond when you have any issues you come across and always do their best to fix the issue as soon as possible.

Mitchell Plowright Avatar
Mitchell Plowright

The best landlords i could have imagined. I stayed in one of their properties for 2 years, it was incredibly clean when we moved in, and they were very quick to respond to any problems across the two years (of which there were very few as the houses are well looked after), dealing with problems almost immediately. 5 Allison Place is a great house for 3 students, a good distance from university, while being away from main roads and nice and quiet. I could not recommend them enough, they should be any student's first port of call when looking for a student house, it has been a a pleasure to rent from them. Thank you.

Harry Coldwell Avatar
Harry Coldwell

I lived in a house owned by Jones Student Property for my second year of university and I couldn't of asked for a better landlord, very kind and reasonable especially with prices and expectations. They even helped find me and my friend somewhere to live for next year as unfortunately we had to move due to not having enough people, however if we did have enough people we would of happily stayed, the house was very nice and clean and any issues we had were instantly sorted. Couldn't recommend more.

James Oxley Avatar
James Oxley

The staff is very professional, kind and helpful.

Elisa Rocca Avatar
Elisa Rocca

We lived in our house with Jones Student Property for two years. The Landlords were always so quick to respond to any issues we had, and were so lovely and helpful when doing so. 34 Abbot Street was a lovely house: clean, lots of space, and in a fab area - quiet and close to the University. The house is a bit outdated, but everything still worked perfectly fine. The only real problem we really had was with finding parking spaces (you do not need a permit to park, so the road was always quite busy), but most of the time we were okay, and there are plenty of roads nearby where you can also park. Thank you to Katherine and Chris for all of your help and for allowing us to have a great final two years of University 🙂

Charlotte Greenacre Avatar
Charlotte Greenacre

The house was in good condition when we moved in. The cupboards were lined with disposable paper to make keeping them clean much easier. Whenever we had a problem, they were quick to respond to our calls and quick to drop by and sort it out. Even when I locked myself out of the room, they kindly told me where the spare key was rather than make me pay to get back into the room. At 97 Scorer Street, the bottom and bigger bedrooms do get extremely cold at night which meant we went over the allocated heating cost. But the rent wasn't expensive and we got no deductions for cleaning. One of our neightbours would often put our bins out and bring them in for us, while the other one was noisy at inconvenient times. But overall, it was a worth while student house.

Bethany Smith Avatar
Bethany Smith

Katherine and Chris were both amazing landlords! I was an international student and finding a place in another country is hard as it is with all the fraud that goes on, and to make things worse I didn't have much time before my departure. Katherine and Chris were really friendly from the get go and made the process so simple which was a life saver! They are really student oriented making dealing with problems in the house (which was basically none) super easy and quick!

Goku Nagabaskaran Avatar
Goku Nagabaskaran

Staying in a shared house: 2016 - 2017 = *****
Staying in a shared house: 2017 - 2018 = *****
Staying in one bedroom flat: 2018 - 2019 = *****

I would give 3 reviews of 5 stars each. I think that's reasonable as they are three different contracts, but Google will not let me.

I hear many students talk about the difficulties they have with other landlords. Like not responding to emails or a problem going on for many weeks. Sometimes not being addressed at all. Also, there have been situations where other landlords will hassle you, over petty disagreements or turn up unannounced. Sometimes, you find yourself in a situation where the first impression you are given is excellent and then standards decline.

I can confidently say that this is certainly not the case with Jones Student Property:

- All issues were solved as soon as possible
- Communication was always efficient and consistent
- Standards were always consistent
- Privacy was always respected
- There has never been a conflict of any kind
- I had a safe, secure space to peacefully carry out my studies
- All places were always in range of the city centre should I want to do something other than study
- All bills are included, which I understand many people do, but the allowance is so reasonable that I have never, EVER gone over it.
- Internet speeds are incredible. Honestly.
- One more thing, we had no issues with damp or mould. Our flat was treated with special material within the walls to combat it. This, to me, is a massive plus. This was something the landlords went out of their way to do. Because they care.

When going with Jones Student Property, you can honestly just rely on the fact that you have a stable living situation and nothing can get in the way of you life. Socially of academically.

Highly recommended.

Jason Peilow Avatar
Jason Peilow

2018 Review: Honestly, the best landlords you could ever hope for! They are very quick to respond to any problems and are also very organised. The house is very clean and well-maintained. I would highly recommend 🙂 🏠10/10

2019 Review - Once again, the best landlords you could ever hope for! The house we stayed at for 3rd year felt homely and cozy. The landlords are very friendly, supportive and quick to respond. I highly recommend them!

Jasmine Mei Avatar
Jasmine Mei

Great landlords. They are always quick to respond and always sort out any problems in a timely manner. I would highly recommend them 🙂

Liz Avatar

Friendly and helpful landlords who are very responsive to any issues or information I needed to know about (e.g. payments and fire alarm testing).
The house was in great condition.

Nikesh Patel Avatar
Nikesh Patel

Very supportive and quick response if reported issues lovely family run business everyone friendly and active in email reminders for rent and maintain checks
House clean and tidy when arrived and supported with any issues
Definitely recommended!

Beth Murphy Avatar
Beth Murphy

Caroline and Chris were both lovely. Any small issues we ever had were resolved within a day, much better service than the commercial student housing agencies within the area. Would recommend them highly for anyone who's going into university.

Aaron Strickland Avatar
Aaron Strickland

I have just completed a year of tenancy with Jones Student Property and, due to their exceptional service, will be staying with them for another year. Chris and Caroline were extremely friendly and helpful, as well as incredibly quick to respond to any problems that arose. They made one of the most stressful parts of student life (finding accommodation) into a very easy and pain-free process, of which I am incredibly grateful for. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of student housing.

Sarah Smith Avatar
Sarah Smith

Lived in one of their properties August ‘17 to June ‘18. Lovely house, all the essentials, ie cleaning products and hoover, left in the house for us. Landlord (Chris) was happy to come out with any issues, quickly and without complaint, wether it was light bulb issues or washing machine broken down. Highly recommended to all students thanks Chris and Caroline!! ☺️

Rhiannon Hales Avatar
Rhiannon Hales

Both Chris and Caroline have been superb landlords. Very kind and helpful and if we had any problems with the house they would sort it quicker than any other landlord/estate agent that I have stayed with before.Cant recommend highly enough!

Lewis Littlehales Avatar
Lewis Littlehales

Very kind and supportive landlords. The house is always in excellent condition with new, high quality furnitures. The rent is reasonable. I must say 44 Dixon str house is the best house in Lincoln city.Overall, Good value of money.

Hải Ngô Avatar
Hải Ngô

Superb landlord’s, would highly recommend. Always quick to resolve any problems and a friendly pair of faces.

Matthew Gudgeon Avatar
Matthew Gudgeon

Rented student houses from Chris and Caroline for 3 years. Houses have always been in excellent condition. Any maintenance was always sorted quickly. Excellent prices for the size of the rooms and facilities in the house (tumble dryer, smart tv etc.). Renting from the Jones has enhanced my student experience at Lincoln, taking all of the hassle out of renting. I would highly recommend!🎓🏠

Flora Sweetman Avatar
Flora Sweetman

The best landlords you could ever hope for!There is not a single thing I could critique Caroline or Chris on; the property was in an excellent condition when we moved in and any issues we had throughout the tenancy they sorted out unbelievably quickly every single time. Comparing with friends’ houses and landlords in Lincoln, I am confident in saying that Jones Student Property is the best option.

Eliana Lewis Avatar
Eliana Lewis

I would highly recommend Jones' Student Property. My house accommodation (49 Nelthorpe) was clean, well-maintained and an easy 10 minute walk to Uni. If there were any problems with the house, I could quickly get in contact with the landlords and they would quickly resolve the problems which is excellent. Most importantly, the Landlords were lovely and friendly.

Tari Rush Avatar
Tari Rush

Such a great experience living here for 10 months

Yến Nhi Avatar
Yến Nhi

Supportive landlord, clean house, cosy living room. I had 10 comfortable and unforgettable months living in the house. Highly recommended 👍

Ngan Dam Avatar
Ngan Dam

Excellent Landlords and letting agents. Have absolutely no regrets. Property was excellent and well maintained. Any problems we could get hold of them quickly and they'd help us resolve equally quick. The property (49 Nelthorpe) was an easy walk to the uni. Exemplary. Would highly recommend. Both really nice friendly people.

ThuderingFoxy Avatar

I started my stay with Jones Student Properties in my second year and enjoyed it so much I moved to 2 of their other properties for my third year and masters as well. Great landlords - everything was resolved really quickly, from maintenance issues to student finance hiccups delaying rent payments or even asking if we could have a dining table! Chris and Caroline were so easy to approach and you knew everything would be dealt with in a professional manner and in a timely manner no matter how silly it seemed. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a student property in Lincoln and if I was ever a student again I definitely know where I would be looking to live!

Becci Herd Avatar
Becci Herd

I spent my second year of university in this house. Throughout the year there was near no stress with the house. Any problem that arose in the house was solved within a couple of days. As landlords they do not intrude on the house and if they do pop round they always let you know that they are coming round. They were very reasonable about rent, in my case mine came through a bit late and no problems paying the money bit late once the money arrived. The actual house itself was great to live in compared with university Campus. Overall, a great experience.

Keiran Bennett Avatar
Keiran Bennett

I have stayed at a residence of Jones student property for the last 2 years of my residency at the University of Lincoln. I would just like to write this review to advise to anyone looking for accommodation in Lincoln, that these are the landlords to go for. The houses they offer for the prices they offer are very good value, me and my flat mates never struggled for space in the kitchen. Much room is provided in terms of cupboards and fridges.Any problem and every problem we had (almost none) they dealt with as quickly as they could. The areas in which my house was located in particular was in a great location and only a 5 minute walk form the city centre. What I loved is that they take the money from you AFTER you receive your student finance which means you never get into any predicaments about paying for rent.Would recommend highly.

Robby Coates Avatar
Robby Coates

No tengo palabras para describir lo encantadores que son Christopher y Caroline. Llegue a Inglaterra con un idioma malisimo, pero ellos tuvieron toda la paciencia del mundo para hacerse entender. Me han ayudado en todo lo que he necesitado, incluso vinieron a Lincoln a verme solo por que había tenido problemas con mis compañeros. Tiene la casa muy cuidada, si algo se rompe lo arreglan. Para los que venimos de otros países es difícil saber donde te estás metiendo, yo quede muy contenta con los servicios prestados. 100% recomendables.

Ana de Prado Amián Avatar
Ana de Prado Amián

As the parent of a student who has just renewed his second year tenancy with Jones Student Property, i thought it may be helpful and reassuring for other parents of students to read a review from a parents perspective.Having previously had two other student sons undertake numerous student rentals both in Lincoln and in other parts of the country, I can only say that Chris and Caroline have been absolutely outstanding landlords in comparison to the other larger student accommodation companies. I have had to sit back and watch these companies speak down to students, charge extortionate arrangement fees, ignore property issues when reported, and unacceptably retain deposits on exit of the properties.Chris and Caroline treat their student occupants with the respect these young people deserve. They respond to all issues and queries, even to the point that when my son was taking his tenancy out Caroline took the time to call me personally and go over the financial side of the contract. I just found her manner and approachability extremely reassuring and she has always been true to her word. Jones Student Property is a refreshing change to the student rental market!!

Lynda Price Avatar
Lynda Price

I am entering my second year in the tenancy of a Jones Student Property. The landlords are by far superior to dealing with a student property company e.g Lighthouse. The relationship that Chris and Caroline have with their tenants is very positive, we receive help whenever we need it and are always greeted with smiles and friendliness. Dealing with Jones Student Property is easy and straightforward, with an applied common sense approach to the realities of student living and finance, I have found my time in their charming property extremely positive.

Charlie Price Avatar
Charlie Price

I cannot praise Jones student Property enough for a fantastic stay in one of their Lincoln properties. I have enjoyed staying in their property so much that I have extended my contract for another year. They are honestly the best landlords I have experienced in my lifetime of renting properties; they are easy to contact, reliable and extremely responsive to all issues we have had. During our stay last year, our washing machine broke and within 2 days a new one was ordered and fitted. I also asked to have a new mattress and they replaced that with a new one within 24 hours. Not only do they provide an excellent service but they gave us other advice which helped us to maintain and use the items provided properly and efficiently. There needs to be more landlords like them. I cannot reccommend them enough!

Chloe Thompson Avatar
Chloe Thompson

Chris and Caroline where really good landlords. If we ever had a problem, (even down to changing the lightbulbs!) they would respond immedietly! Lovely house to stay in for our final year of university and i would defintley reccomend. Thank you

Bob Haynes Avatar
Bob Haynes

I've stayed at one of the Jones Student Property's houses for a year now and have nothing but praise for them. The landlords were so friendly and always willing to help in anyway they could, even coming round on the weekend to help with the boiler! The house itself was kept in lovely condition and I'm happy to say I will be living there again next year as well. So thank you for a lovely year

Sarah Brown Avatar
Sarah Brown

Jones Student Property is a wonderful family owned business, they were very responsive to any problems we had and were very easy to communicate with. We were very lucky to have had landlords that really did care about their tenants and did everything they could to ensure we had a relaxing year without any worries.

ryank939 Avatar

Great landlords, they were always on hand to help and answer any questions or queries. Really enjoyed my stay at one of their properties. Very reasonably priced too, considering how close we were to the Uni.

Joe B Avatar
Joe B

Can't recommend Jones Student Property enough, they have been great landlords for the past two years, always quick to respond with any issues you have and are more than fair to their tenants, a very different experience to some of the horror stories you hear from other student renters. The property itself was well maintained and any changes were communicated to us well in advance. All around, very lovely and helpful landlords.

Imogen A Avatar
Imogen A

What a fabulous two years we have had living in Lincoln with Jones Student Properties. You could not ask for better landlords. Everything was so easy from the very beginning, until the end of the tenancy. If ever there were any problems (which was rare- and only ever minor!!!), Chris and Caroline would come the same day and get it sorted. If you're looking for hardworking, dedicated and honest landlords look no further!

Cambria Steward Avatar
Cambria Steward

Excellent landlords. I am so happy with them and with my tenancy. They were so helpful and nice with us. If you have any problem, they will help you as soon as they can which normally is in the same day or the next. If I started again in Lincoln, I would choose them again definitely!

María Luque Avatar
María Luque

I stayed in one of their properties last year, and received a friendly and professional service. The accommodation was clean, well maintained and very reasonably priced. They were extremely helpful and attentive, and made me feel incredibly looked after. I felt that my deposit was completely safe, and the communication between myself and the landlords was always clear and positive. I have now moved away from the area, but if I rented in Lincoln again I would definitely use their services.

Alison Grice Avatar
Alison Grice

Great, friendly landlords. Great communication, always more than happy to help!

Bethan Payne Avatar
Bethan Payne

The terms of my contract and the expectations for both me and the landlords was made really clear throughout my tenancy, which has not always been the case in other properties I've rented. The house was clean when I got it, the few problems we had throughout the year (dead strip lighting bulb etc) were sorted out very quickly and the landlords themselves were helpful and accommodating (no pun intended).Would definitely recommend

Ben Leeming Avatar
Ben Leeming

Really good Landlords, so helpful and lovely house to live in! I would definitely recommend them for accommodation.

Lucy Coleman Avatar
Lucy Coleman

The property was great, and most importantly, so we're the landlords. Whenever there was an issue or we needed something from them, they responded and acted quickly. Would definitely recommend them and their properties to anybody. Brilliant.

Joshua Baker Avatar
Joshua Baker

Wonderful and friendly landlords who are always quick to respond and help with any issues. The accommodation is safe, nicely decorated, reasonably priced and allows you to make it feel like a home. I would 100% recommend Jones to any students at Lincoln.

Amy Fairbrother Avatar
Amy Fairbrother

Excellent landlords - the property was very well maintained and any problems that we encountered were solved immediately. Everything from repairs to rent payments was handled very well and generously. Would wholeheartedly reccomend to anybody studying at either Lincoln University or Bishop Grosseteste University due to its central location and easy walking distances to both.

Kathryn Mountain Avatar
Kathryn Mountain

Excellent landlords who are always willing to help. Didn't have to wait more than 48 hours for assistance which was usually the same day if it was something important. Excellent properties at reasonable prices. Far more friendlier than other local alteratives for sure!

Conor Barnes Avatar
Conor Barnes

Both lovely people, great landlords, great house. Couldn't ask for more!

Sam Wilson Avatar
Sam Wilson

Excellent property and brilliant landlords. The property was fantastic especially for students as it is close to the city center and the university itself, and is also located in a quiet area. If any problem arises the response is extremely prompt and always very helpful. Overall A++ would definitely recommend.

Robyn Wells Avatar
Robyn Wells

Absolute perfect landlords. If there's any problems they come out as soon as possible and they are extremely helpful. Property was lovely, perfect place for students as it's close to both town and the university, nice and spacious. Would recommend 10/10

Aidan Knifton Avatar
Aidan Knifton