Student Room Lincoln

You’ve found your ideal room and you are ready for whatever this year at uni will throw at you. It is great to have a little part of the world to call your own, even if it changes every year, but what will make your student room Lincoln the most productive place to get your studies supercharged?

Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to get the most from your room.

Break it up into zones

This may not feel possible when you look at a square room that has to house your bed, your clothes and everything else that you own. But it is important to have those separate places that get your mind working in different ways. Try not to work from your bed. If there isn’t enough space in your room then look around the communal areas of the house and find a place that is perfect for you to work in.

Make it feel like home

This is so often overlooked but is a really important part of making you productive. You should feel like the area is comfortable and familiar. This will help your mind settle and be at its best. You may not have a lot of time in between lectures and meeting people to study so it has to be done in an efficient manner.

Plants can really help your student room Lincoln

Never underestimate the power of plants! They fill your room with oxygen and help it to be a fresh and productive place to study. Student homes can get stale and smelly at times, so an open window and some plants will help to filter that air and help you concentrate on the task in hand.

Be able to switch off

The modern-day trend of being connected all the time does wonders for your social life, but it can really destroy your study time. For the most productive student room Lincoln you should think about switching everything off for a few hours and being at one with your studies. Yes, that does mean your phone too! If you don’t need access to the internet for your work then put your laptop on airplane mode so you are not tempted to take a look at Facebook to see what others have been up to. This will help you get the most from that valuable study time.

Don’t study when you are tired

This can be counter-productive as you won’t take it all in and will produce low quality work. Tiredness kills creativity and concentration so if you need a break or a nap then just have one. Trying to plough through will take twice as long and will leave you feeling as though it is too much for you.

Wherever you end up in a student room, make sure that it works for you. The time you need to study is one thing – the space you need is entirely another. Think about how you can get the most from this.