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Tips On Keeping Your Student House In Lincoln Clean

Tips On Keeping Your Student House In Lincoln Clean

In this article we will look at how best way to keep your student house or flat clean and tidy during your time as a student in Lincoln

You will have been shouted at to keep your bedroom, your washing and your kitchen – clean and tidy.

As soon as we arrive we have someone running around cleaning up after us normally mum and dad!

But as we move away to university and make our new home, we find that our parents have disappeared altogether. And, what is more, we are living with 3 or 4 others who are also missing their own parents chasing around tidying up after them.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but our brand-new student house then very quickly begins to look and smell like a cesspit.

And then what happens? Someone will come and clean it up, will they not???? Someone always does right?Ho

Not anymore they don’t you’re big enough to look after yourself!

Student House Cleaning Conflict

Before any students actually get around to any cleaning you have to fall out about it first.

Tears before bed have been shed in Lincoln university houses over tempers and raised voices trying to get out of what mess belongs to who. These arguments are a rite of passage for any students in their first student house.

Now you are real world! It does not matter how desperately you cry down the phone or plead on facetime those hands that looked after you for so long are tied, and your mess is your own.

What to do about cleaning you student house in Lincoln?

With the occasional exception, many students that you will find yourself living with will be in the same position as you. The position that you cannot be bothered to clean.

Sooner or later, the arguments will stop and you will have to put on your marigolds and get scrubbing. This is a good thing. If you are living in rented student accommodation in Lincoln then you will have paid a deposit prior to moving in. And to get this back you will have to leave the student house clean and tidy as you found it.

So take note of these tips below on how to keep your student house in Lincoln clean and you will have a happy and tidy household.

Make A Cleaning Rota 

Most arguments over the cleaning happens when everyone is not taking their own responsibility to do the regular house chores. Make a weekly rota ensuring that all cleaning jobs get covered.

The jobs will be as follows:

The Bathroom

The Toilet

The Fridge

The Oven

The Vacuuming

Mopping the Kitchen Floor

Take out the Rubbish and Recycling 

All of these cleaning jobs, if done by one person and done once a week will take no longer than 10 to 15 minutes to do. Remember if you clean on a regular basis it is much quicker to clean than if leave it for a month or 2.

Cleaning The Kitchen 

The kitchen is one room in your student house that needs to be kept clean on a much more regular basis. You and your house mates will need to create some rules as to how you will all keep on top of it.

The best way to do this is that you have a simple rule.

Clean as you go. So if you make some toast with jam in the morning you make sure that you clean it all up, crumbs cleaned of the worksurface, plate and knife cleaned and put way.

Clean Your Student House in Lincoln As You Go

Student houses normally get messy because everyone thinks that it is a good idea to leave the cleaning until the last minute.

The best trick is to not let it get to that point. Each time you go to the kitchen, take a glass or cup or plate with you. Every time you use the bathroom, pick up your wet towels.

If you can keep your student house in Lincoln looking nice and clean as a matter of course, then when your time is up on the cleaning rota you will not have a hard time doing the cleaning.

Remember a clean student house is a happy student house.

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