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How to avoid freshers flu

Top tips to stop Freshers’ Flu

Our top tips to avoid Freshers’ Flu


Drink plenty……of water!

This is even more important during freshers’ week when you are probably drinking more alcohol than normal. Try to carry a bottle of water around with you during the day to encourage you to drink more. Also if you can remember the 1:1 rule when drinking alcohol. One glass of water for every glass of something alcoholic, this will also help your hangovers!


Vitamins and Good Diet

Even though you may want to pop for a kebab on your way home, you also need to eat plenty of healthy food. If your diet isn’t healthy enough supplement it with vitamins, even if it just for a few weeks.



Yes, you will be glad to try this one! Plenty of sleep will help your body fight any potential flu and if you do start to come down with the flu sleep/rest will help you recover quickly.



It’s simple really, you will be in close contact with hundreds of people from all over the country/world which makes flu easily spreadable. Make sure you wash your hands/clothes/dishes! Carry a hand sanitiser in your bag so you have something to use on the go.


Look after your mental health

Going to university can be a daunting time. Leaving home to live with strangers in a city you don’t know. There is also the stress of your course and issues with your accommodation. When a person becomes stressed it effects their ability to sleep and will run their body down making them more susceptible to flu. The University of Lincoln has a counselling service that can be accessed to help with any issues.


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