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Why chose a City of Lincoln Accredited Landlord?

We are proud to be City of Lincoln Trust Landlord Accredited. Landlords do not have to become accredited to rent to students in Lincoln. Being accredited requires landlords to hold a higher standard in respect of both student safety and property maintenance.

A brief example is that accredited landlords must have:

Fire Risk Assessments

Legionella Risk Assessments

Fire Inspection Officer Letter of Approval

Approved Tenancy Agreements


It is hard to believe that some of the above are not legal requirements given they are so key to tenant safety. This is something we at Jones Student Property feel very strongly about, which is why we continue to comply and retain our accreditation annually.

As well as the above safety requirements accredited landlords must also show:


Well maintained properties

Quick repair/response times

No or few disputes with students


If you are living away from home for the first time, it can be very daunting. Give yourself and your parents piece of mind by renting from an accredited landlord. To read more about the accreditation scheme please following this link

In addition to being accredited landlords, we are also a local family run business. We own all of our properties and manage them completely ourselves. That means you get our telephone number, not an automated office line. You can speak to us direct about any queries and issues are resolved quickly.


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